Thursday, May 1, 2008

KCRA A-List Winners

Back in March I lamented how lame last year's winners for Best Brewpub and Best Beer Bar were in the KCRA (local TV) viewer review contest. This year, I'm happy to say, things have improved. Thanks to the readers of PBN for getting the word out, as well as the vote, seems every day our region's beer-senses are improving.

Winner, Best Brewpub: Sacramento Brewing Company

I've blogged quite a bit about this place, it certainly deserved the votes. SacBrew has had a good year, winning Best of Show honors at California Brewers Festival, along with GABF and World Beer Cup medals... now this! Peter and the gang there certainly earned these honors.

Winner, Best Beer Selection: Manderes

This is a place I've been excited about since before they were open, and man I am happy to see they won this award. Brent and Dave, the owners, have put in a lot of hours and sweat into this place, and to win this award after only being open for FOUR months is a tribute to their work and overall quality.

Congratulations to both establishments. If you have travel plans that involve Sacramento, you'll definitely want to check these places out.