Saturday, May 3, 2008

Patrick Adds a Note

Patrick, owner and brewer at The Bruery, was kind enough to drop me a quick note in order to get you all some information. I had asked him to look things over and make sure I didn't screw anything up on the previous post - he was kind and quick to reply.
The only addition I can think of is we're focusing on Belgian-style beers. We have three year-round beers: Orchard White (witbier); Black Orchard (black witbier); Saison Rue (saison with rye & bottled with brett). There will be four seasonals, and three to four one-off / limited-releases year-round as well.
Saison with rye and bottled with brett? Witbier and a black witbier? Oh dear, he's got my attention. After reading his blog too, about Batch One, it seems this guy's got it going on. You can safely bet my next SoCal trip will include a stop in at The Bruery for a tour and tasting.