Tuesday, May 13, 2008

West Coast Beer Fest Winners Announced

While the West Coast Beer Festival isn't until Saturday, the judging is now complete and the winners have been announced. If you're in Northern California and haven't already gotten your tickets, there's still a few left online. Remember, it's Saturday May 17 at Miller Park - in Sacramento.

This is one of our local favorite events every year. Because of the location, ticket sales are limited, which means it's never too crowded. Also, it's outdoors, almost always a beautiful event with weather that cooperates and rich, rolling lawn to walk on from beer booth to beer booth. We'll have another post event wrap up for you next week.

The Winners

There were a couple of brewers that deserve some honorable mention here, those who brought home the most hardware.
  • Beermann's Beerwerks in Roseville took home 5 ribbons (two gold, two silver, one bronze).
  • Klamath Basin Brewing, of Klamath Falls Oregon, also took home five awards (two gold, one silver, two bronze).
  • Sequoia Brewing, of Fresno, was the big winner for the day, bringing home SIX awards! (two gold, one silver, three bronze).
Light Lagers
  1. River City Maibock
  2. Blue Frog Maibock
  3. Beermanns Lincoln Lager
Dark Lagers
  1. Sacramento Brewing Luna de Miel
  2. Klamath Basin Doppelbock
  3. New Belgian 1554
Amber Ale
  1. Klamath Basin Crater Lake
  2. Sacramento Brewing Red Horse
  3. New Belgian Fat Tire
Light Ales
  1. Beermanns American Hefe
  2. Beermanns Honey Blonde
  3. Klamath Basin 8 Second
American Pale
  1. Bear Republic XP Pale
  2. Rogue Summer Place
  3. Auburn Alehouse American River
English Pale
  1. Shipyard Chamberlain
  2. Shipyard Old Thumper
  3. Sequoia SOB Bitter
  1. Hoppy Brewing Hoppy Face
  2. Auburn Alehouse Gold Digger
  3. Brew it Up Captain Ron
Brown ale
  1. Sequoia American Brown
  2. Rogue Hazelnut Brown
  3. Bear Republic Pete's Brown
  1. Sequoia Black Oak
  2. Deschutes Black Butte
  3. Blue Frog Taddy Coffee
  1. Klamath Basin BC Cabin Fever
  2. Brew it Up Oatmeal Stout
  3. Blue Frog No Green Beer
  1. Sacramento Brewing Hefewiezen
  2. Blue Frog Hefeweizen
  3. Sequoia Hefeweizen
Fruit Beer
  1. Rogue Black Morimota
  2. Seadog Blueberry Wheat
  3. Seadog Apricot Wheat
Strong Ale
  1. Beermanns Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine
  2. Rogue Russian Imperial Stout
  3. Deschutes Abyss
  1. Alaskan Summer
  2. Alaskan Amber
  3. Sequoia Kolsch
Belgian Ales
  1. New Belgium Mother Ship Wit
  2. Sequoia Dubbel
  3. New Belgian Abby
  1. Woodchuck Raspberry
  2. Woodchuck Amber Apple
  3. Fox Barrel Brandy Barrel
  1. Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye
  2. Beermanns Bourbon Barrel Stout
  3. Klamath Basin BC Drink Up Johnny
  1. Radeberger Pilsner
  2. Krusovice Czech Imperial Lager
  3. Krusovice Czeck Black Lager