Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rick on Radio: Saturday

It seems I'll be a phone-in guest on Portland's KXL radio station's "Libation Station", hosted by none other than Lisa Morrison (AKA, the Beer Goddess) and Bruce Bjorkman (I'm sure he has a cool nickname too). It'll only be a short interview, 8 minutes or so, and it'll be by phone, but it should be fun - chatting with Lisa always is.

Really, the only reason to post this is here is to encourage you all to tune in and support beer radio. I can't speak for Bruce, but Lisa is as knowledgeable as they come, a well-traveled woman with a great beer sense and trustworthy palate (and you can see her in this month's BA Magazine). The show appears to be on every Saturday - you can tune in at AM 750, or online here - and seems to also have some sort of podcast format (I assume the shows are converted to mp3 and loaded online).