Friday, May 16, 2008

Beer on NPR

NPR devoted 48 minutes to beer today, specifically "The Science of Making Great Beer". The show was Milwaukee based, had guest speakers from Lakefront Brewery, Siebel Institute, Capital Brewery and Miller. Show was recorded live, included questions from audience and generally was interesting, providing beginner education as well as some more advanced science for the geeks out there.

The Guests:

Russ Klisch, president and founder of the Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee, Wis.

Lyn Kruger, president and COO of the Siebel Institute of Technology

Kirby Nelson, brewmaster at the Capital Brewery in Middletown, Wis.

David Ryder, vice president of brewing, research and quality assurance at Miller Brewing Co.

Robin Shepard, interim vice chancellor for University of Wisconsin Extension; associate professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison; author of Wisconsin's Best Breweries and Brewpubs

You can listen to this online by clicking here.