Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Skinny Dipping in Old Roseville

I'm pretty proud of where I live, like most of you are, but things have been a bit rocky in my town's beer scene lately. Yes, we have Beermann's, but they're only open on Friday evenings. Yes, we have Mary's now, but they're never going to be a regular spot. BJ's? Well, they suffer the same as Mary, just not a place I am attracted to on a regular basis - not a knock on the beer, mind you. Luckily, however, things appear to be looking up in Old Town Roseville, as Bianca has things moving in the right direction at The Owl Club.

Last week she offered Racer 5 Pint Night, to welcome the new Speed Racer movie. From all reports, this was a big success! I mean, 3 bucks for a pint of Racer 5, what more can you ask for?

This week's special sees another good craft beer on tap and on special, New Belgium's Skinny Dip. Admittedly, this isn't a go-to beer for me, but as I see the forecast creeping toward triple-digits by the end of the week, you really can't ask for a better time to enjoy Skinny Dip. Here's what you can get if you hit Owl Club tomorrow:
  • $10 buys you a Skinny Dip shirt, pint glass and your first pint of beer.
  • $5 buys you a Skinny Dip pint glass and your first pint of beer.
  • Refills of Skinny Dip are only $3
If you're looking for an escape from the Sacramento heat, or are in the market for pint glasses and t-shirts, you won't be sorry to hit up Owl Club. Remember though, no shirt, no shoes, no service.

Owl Club
111 Church St
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 782-5222

Also On Tap
  • Sacramento Brewing has their award winning Vienna Lager on tap now, Luna de Miel. This is served with a lime, to be warned, but with or without, this is a very refreshing beer you can enjoy a few pints of. Also check out their new Hefeweizen, using a yeast that I find to be more palatable, with more of that Bavarian yeast character you hope to find. Odd move I found, I really liked their Hefeweizen to begin with, but with the new yeast the beer actually beat my favorite hefeweizen in the state - Blue Frog! I'm telling you, Peter won't be happy till every beer he makes brings home a medal.
  • Auburn Alehouse is about to release its newest batch of IPA, which is reformulated (to be fair, they've all be reformulated) with promises that the hops will be plentiful! Brian may be one of the bigger hop heads in the region, his IPAs only get more flavorful and fuller in aroma as he moves forward. If you're there, however, the Pilsner is simply unbeatable as an afternoon refresher. Man, I love his pils.
  • Rubicon's Purple (maibock) was on last time I was there, and it's better than I remember - and I've always been a fan. This isn't a hot weather beer, per se, but if you're there in the evening as it begins to cool off, I think you're gonna be happy to have found it.