Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summer Beer Price Check

This is not anything more than an observation made today when I was making a trip to Costco for some household supplies. What follows are case prices (24-packs) for the beers sold at this Northern California location, in case you have graduation party of last minute beer needs for Memorial Day.

Corona: $22.99
Mexican Variety Pack (Tecate, XX, etc.): $20.99
Pacifico: $21.99
Kona Variety Pack: $20.99
Heineken (Light and Regular): $21.99
Becks: $21.99
Spaten: $21.99
Newcastle: $21.99
Fat Tire: $22.99
Bud (and Light): $19.99
Miller Light: $19.99
Coors Light: $19.99
Sierra Nevada Pale: $21.99
Sam Adams Summer Pack: $19.99
Sierra Nevada Summerfest: $22.99

For my money, and for my friends, I'd choose the Kona mixed pack. Odd that Corona is the same price as Summerfest and Fat Tire! For a case of beer, it is also shocking that there is only a three dollar difference in Bud/Coors/Miller and Sierra Nevada's seasonal beer offering - that's 12.5 cents per bottle difference. At these prices, is it really a question if the price increases will see craft beer enthusiasts buying down for a Bud? Sure, I can see budget constraints at home limiting the amount of DFH consumed, but for 12 and a half cents, you can bet I'd choose a number of craft options listed above over their industrial product counterparts.