Saturday, May 3, 2008

Are You a Beerdo?

Are you a beerdo (pronounced 'beer-doe')? Today's thought comes from Robbie Fulks' song, "Roots Rock Weirdos":
Well, they looked the band gear over and they noted with delight
The guitar amp was a Bassman, and the bass man played upright
Then they looked 'round at each other, and they cried, "We Are The Best!
For we like unpopular music, and just look at the way we're dressed!"
Does this not sum us up when we walk into a bar, noticing with delight, that the bar taps have [insert good beer here]? Not only that, the sentiment of "we are the best" is one too many of us who like craft beer carry, we may not say the words, but we'll certainly challenge the tastes of those around us - especially when they choose a mega-beer over a craft version we enjoy.

The song is full of references to the music weirdos, and I swear we could just replace 'roots rock' with 'beer' and it would be equally appropriate. In fact, Fulks kills me when he says the weirdos are "dressed up like it's 1951". How many caricatures have we seen about beer geeks in flannel with beards? Sure, may not be a '51 style, but we have a look to us, don't we? And it ain't the most up-to-date fashion now, is it?

I only thought of this after hearing the song again, thinking back to Lew's pondering of the proper way to address ourselves - geeks, enthusiasts... beer-dos!

Finally, if you haven't listened to this song or heard of the artist, you really ought to. He's a great song writer, his tunes very easy to listen to time and time again. I'd start with "The Very Best Of", good mix of songs.