Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kelowna Beer Festival - This Weekend

I am really sorry for this getting up so late, but I only heard about it tonight. This weekend is the first annual (I believe) Kelowna Beer Fest, in Kelowna, BC (May 30 & 31). Tracy's family, the in-laws, are from Kelowna and I visit there frequently - I can attest to the high quality of the province's beers. What's great, some of the best brewers in the province seem to be signed up to attend this event. I suspect a good turnout will coax even more next year.

If you live in Washington and want something to do this weekend, take highway 97 north to Kelowna, enjoy the beer fest and take in a few of the beautiful wineries of the Okanagan Valley (they rival Napa in both quality and beauty), maybe bring back a six-pack of Tree Brewing's Hop Head IPA and a bottle of Okanagan Ice Wine. Did I mention it's at the Curling Club? Ha! You can't get much more Canadian than that - beer at the curling rink! Nice place, I've curled there and had my share of Canadian brew while doing so.

More information can be found online at