Friday, January 4, 2008

Sierra Nevada's Early Spring Beer

Yes, Spring does come a bit earlier in California than other parts of the country. While many of you are digging our and scraping windshields, the folks in Chico have released their ESB, or Early Spring Beer.
“Our ESB blends the best of English tradition with the boldness of West Coast style. Featuring English ingredients, we added a Sierra Nevada twist by leaving the ale unfiltered, which enhances mouthfeel and hop aroma creating a slightly reddish-copper hue,”
That, according to their press release, is how Sierra Nevada's founder/owner, Ken Grossman, describes the traditional English Bitter. The press release continues
The 2008 ESB features England’s premier heritage malt, Maris Otter, and is blended with Canadian two-row malt to create a uniquely rich, malty sweetness. With the addition of hand-selected English Challenger hops (used for their earthy spiciness) and blended with U.S. Goldings, the beer presents a woodsy-cedar note and a slight citrusy aroma.
If rumors have it right, we can expect a couple more special releases from these guys in 2008. Let's hope so.