Thursday, January 10, 2008

LIve Healthy, With Beer

As much as I love a great beer, I'm not one who will try to convince you of the 'health benefits' of drinking. While I don't think it's harmful to the body (and I've read enough to convince me that's true) I just don't beer will extend your life. There appears to be new research every six weeks with regards to drinking and your health - one month it's good for your body, the next it seems the next pint will do you in. This story, however, seemed to make the most sense of the studies I've seen in the past.

People who neither drink nor exercise have a 30 to 49 percent higher risk of heart disease than people who do one or both of the activities, the researchers said in the European Heart Journal.

"The main finding is there seems to be an additional beneficial effect of drinking one to two drinks per day and doing at least moderate physical activity," said Morten Gronbaek of the University of Southern Denmark, who led the study.

See, told you it made sense. Of course, this next quote seems like the kind of 'no-brainer' people shouldn't need to be reminded/informed of.
People who had the lowest risk of dying from any cause were physically active, moderate drinkers while those at highest risk were the physically inactive, heavy drinkers, the study found.
So, get out and walk a bit, enjoy the outdoors and then enjoy a pint of your favorite beer. Wouldn't it be a better world if we could enjoy a pint while we got our outdoor exercise in the community?