Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Good Life

There are times in all of our lives when we're reminded just how good we have it, last night was a good example. My wife, Tracy, had come home a bit early from work, the weather wreaking havoc on the neighborhood. While I finished an abbreviated work day of my own she worked out and was ready for liquid refreshment. She'd suggested a trip to Sacramento Brewing for a Red Horse, but I was excited to make my way to Beermann's to see if the brewers there had seen their barleywine pictured in the newest Draft issue. She insisted on a Red Horse, but was willing to stop by for a quick drink with the good folks at Beermann's.

Upon walking in to SBC we meet good friends Jeff and Dianne. What great timing is this, to see good friends in a place where good beer is served? From behind me walks up SBC's head brewer, Peter Hoey, a shock because I'd texted him prior to see if by chance he'd still be at work - he replied he wouldn't be. Again, how lucky am I? We'd come with a gift for Peter and his expectant fiance, Britney, so it was good to hand it off in person. More to my surprise was the news that Britney was here too! We were invited to join Peter and Britney, they had a large table and were apparently waiting for guests to arrive to join them for dinner.

At the over-sized table it was good to chat it up with the happy couple, looking forward to the birth of their fist child any day now. After a few minutes a tap on my shoulder, I turn to see Breanne and Cody Sober - what a freaking coincidence! And who is that behind them? Mike and Terri? But I talked with him not two hours ago only to learn that he and his lovely wife were under the weather. Then, there was Joel and Sarah? Wait a minute...

It was a SURPRISE birthday party, in my honor!!! All quietly planned by my wife of ten years. How cool is this? My birthday was the 27th of December, a time when most were with families - as we were in Oregon - so it was great to share time with those I love.

In addition to the before-mentioned guests were Mark and Lori Zahn, co-hosts of PBN; Greg and Beth Willey, who I worked with for nearly five years; Ami the Great and Marsha the Wonderful. It's a rare treat when your friends gather together to celebrate with you and for you. I know it's cliche, but you can't help buy feel richer at time like that.

Unless there are other surprises out there, this was truly a great way to finish off what seems to be weeks of endless celebration. Yes, this is a good life.