Friday, January 18, 2008

Corrections & Clarifications | SOB

I received an email from Tom at Southern Oregon Brewing. Turns out in my original posting on SOB I had a few misunderstandings about a couple of things, and came to some conclusions that may not have been accurate. I could slide it in the story already posted, but figured it'd be best if it was right out in front - I don't like the idea of misleading y'all.

From Tom:
In the section on beers, I think you have the Gold and the Pale interchanged. The Gold is the entry level beer, lighter beer. The Pale is the beer that looks like a pale and drinks like one too. [He's right, I did get those mixed up - Rick]

I know I can’t change your impressions of our brewery, but I don’t think we talked much about our ambitions. We will certainly build our base in Southern Oregon but we have aspirations of state wide distributing of our draft products by the end of the year. Because of Anders statewide connections and experience, we have already shown our beers to several locations in Eugene and Portland and should see our products land in limited locations in those markets in the near future. The size and quality of our production facility gives a favorable economy of scale over most startups. This makes us attractive to distributors and should facilitate our growth as well.
Thanks for Tom in being kind to me in his corrections. I did, by the way, add this to the SOB story as well. I know a few folks who read this will be going to SOB soon, so wanted to get the word out as quick as possible. Again, if you're in Southern Oregon, make sure you check this place out - good beer made by great people. What more could you ask for?