Monday, January 21, 2008

In Phoenix

I'm back in Phoenix doing some work for the next issue of DRAFT, so don't expect a whole lot from here this week. I woke up this morning around 4:30, left the house at 5 and was on a plane at 6. Upon arriving at 9 it was straight to the office where the day seemed to last longer than days should. A quick dinner and drink session at Papago's, which would easily be the best beer joint in town if it were in Sacramento - I suspect it is here too - and a soak in the hotel's jacuzzi. I'm done.

Quick Notes:
- Papago's has beers from around the country that I want to try. Serious beer selection.
- Hop 15 is pretty hopped up, in case you didn't know.
- Cantillon Kriek simply kicks ass

Early day coming up, so this is it for now. Check back Thursday-ish for a quick update, but then I'm off to Monterey on Friday with my wife for a quick weekend get-away. Monterey, if you didn't know, is near perfect this time of year, hopefully the butterflies will be migrating this early - at least a few.

Oh, and there's this cool news for those who read beer blogs. Chris, the Beer Retard, has been asked to start a regular contribution for Seattle Metroblogs. Of course, this will be beer contributions. I can't wait to see more stuff from Chris, a quiet man with a lot to say. Congrats, by the way, on that opportunity Mr. Beer Retard.