Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beer and exercise

I believe that Rick was perfectly correct in his suggestion to get out and walk before (or during and/or after) enjoying any of your favorite brews. Another great alternative to that is of course bicycle/brewery touring.

There are a great many areas of our country where it is possible to get out and get some decent road work (or trail work) in and at the end of the ride find yourself perfectly positioned to do some proper rehydrating at your favorite Ale House, Pub or brewery.

I have participated in a few self guided 'Beer rides' in the past two years alone to fill a small scrap book. Actually.... I have filled a scrap book with ride/route descriptions and brewery beer menus loaded with beer sampling observations and notations.

Now I'm not suggesting that you immediately log on to Google and search for the latest book, pamphlet/map or website that will fill you in on detailed descriptions of other peoples ideas for rides; but that you take the time to research your own favorite places to ride and your favorite breweries to visit.

Or perhaps even better yet concoct a completely new ride that takes you to a beer destination that you always wanted to visit. It's quite simple and fun really. Just get yourself a Beer Celebrator and a map and you are just a weekend away from some proper adventure.

Of course a bike would help too.......... but then I naturally assume that everyone already has one of those contraptions hung up in the garage behind the old ping-pong table next to the snow shoes....

Ahhh... reminds me of the time we got lost on the roads outside of Healdsburg but somehow managed to find our way to Bear Republic.......I think it was the scent of hops in the air.

Well actually we parked in the free public parking lot about 200' from the door...rode a 55 mile loop on some beautiful back roads just littered with wineries and made it back just in time to replenish our systems with fresh Racer 5, Hop Rod Rye and Racer X.
That... as I'm prone to say... didn't suck.

Mike (The Hop Hunter)