Monday, January 28, 2008

Beer Hunters Beware: The Younger is On Tap

Yes, that's right, Russian River's famed Pliny the Younger is on tap, as of today. This won't last too long, so if you can make it out there in the next couple of weeks, do so. For those who don't know, Younger is Vinnie's "Triple IPA", a hopped up super beer with more alcohol and flavor than you're used to.

Enjoy it if you can, knowing that it won't be long before Pliny the Elder (Double IPA) and Blind Pig (IPA) are available in 16oz bottles.

Speaking of Russian River... It appears assistant brewer Travis has set them up with a WordPress page. I don't know ANYTHING about this, but can only drool at the pictures here. It was only set up today, but the pictures here are stunning! 400+ barrel (wooden) capacity! It's a dream...