Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blue Moon Rising

You know that age-old debate about what a "craft" beer is, and all those who have stood by the quiet success of Blue Moon? Well, starting soon Blue Moon won't be so quiet anymore. No, that doesn't naturally disqualify it from being a "craft" beer, but I suspect it'll only stoke the flames of those who insist it cannot be part of the Craft family because of super-rich parents - Coors.

Yes, now it seems we'll be seeing Blue Moon on billboards and print media. From the story on Ad-Age, which I found through Brew Blog, the folks at Blue Moon know who their market is. Imagine that.
Coors has been reluctant to support the brand with media because it didn't want to advertise its corporate-backing to the brew snobs who are a key craft-beer constituency, and it didn't want to interfere with the sense of consumer discovery that's fueled the brand's growth.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I suspect this is preparation for A-B's new craft beers coming out, which I mentioned last week.