Thursday, January 31, 2008

Congratulations to the Hoey's!

I got the text message Monday that Peter and Brittney Hoey were on their way to the hospital, time (some might say 'finally') to give birth to their first born. The message was simple, "OK, this time it's for real". The next morning (1/29) a follow up announcing Lorelai's birth, at 10:56 AM (must be a brewer's daughter).
To follow this up, last night I attended the Northern California Brewer's Guild meeting, hosted by Sacramento Brewing Company, where Peter is the beloved brewmaster. Above the bar was a sign that announced "It's a girl!" with the weight, length and time of birth. More than a couple times you could watch patrons lift their glass in celebration of the event. In fact, to begin the NCBG meeting, all glasses were raised in genuine cheer. You see, Peter is about the most respected brewer you'll find - passionate, friendly and someone you're happy to know. He and Brittney are just a joy to be around, we can't wait to meet Lorelai.

If you live in Sacramento, be sure to partake in the celebration in February, as Peter releases the much anticipated "Rorie's Ale", a Belgian-inspired quadruple made with pomegranate and other wonderful additions. This beer was brewed in celebration of their first born and can be seen right now in the first fermentation tank as you walk in the brew-pub.

Peter (I know you're reading this), you're a lucky man. Congratulations!