Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Latest DRAFT Magazine

DRAFT's January/February issue is on shelves now, as many of you know. This is the first issue with me listed as Beer Director and I'm still humbled and amazed at my new job - so much so I don't mind pushing it on you all!

I won't give too much info away, but there are a few things you'll want to know if you're thinking about buying a beer magazine this month.

- Stan, from Appellation Beer, has put together a beautiful piece on Barrel-Aged beers. I know he could have written a book on this topic, but in the four pages of the story I'm certain you'll either learn something, or be inspired to find a barrel-aged beer for drinking.
- This is our food issue, and boy howdy is it ever! From the cover man, Dave Lieberman, to gastropubs and pretty exotic recipes, I think we've got something for the foodie in all of us. I also quite liked the food/beer pairings pieces where we were able to pair more common dishes with great beer to make a great meal.
- Our celebrity likes good beer! I found this interview to be quite enjoyable and have heard from others the same thing. Go Dave!

There's a whole lot more too. Again, I'm honored to have the job I have and am pretty proud of the product overall. I hope you'll agree.