Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sober Anniversary

Today is apparently the 35th wedding anniversary for Mike and Terri Sober, hosts and dear friends of Pacific Brew News. They are also the founders, movers and shakers behind the legendary SOBER group in Northern California, frequently hosting epic beer tastings at their home, finding time to make up some great grub while we all enjoy their endless hospitality. Rumors swirl around these parts of the woods that beer will be consumed in celebration of the event, and it seems likely that I'll find a way to join in their great party.

As is frequently the case, the thing Mike and Terri are (and should be) most proud of is their kids, who rarely get any mention here on the site, Zack and Cody. Some of the greatest moments of the past couple years has been sharing beers with all four of them under one roof, each matching the others' joy in the moments shared with the biggest IPAs and smoothest Hefeweizen's you're going to find in these parts.

So, here's to the Sober's on their celebration of 35 years of marriage (even if your certificate is from Germany, I'm sure it's real).

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