Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Come On California...

April 7th is just around the corner, and on this day American beer enthusiasts should join in celebration for the 75th anniversary of Prohibition's repeal. Key word there, "should".

Looking at the BA site it seems that of all the breweries in the state, less than 10 are signed up to have a formal party. Seriously? That's it? Oh, and there's not a single event planned for the Sacramento area - the state capital for one of the world's largest economies...

Here's hoping that as the day gets closer someone will put something together. If you're looking for a fitting celebration in your area, check out the Brewers Assn website for a listing of events.

Hey, I know we're all busy, but I can't think of a better thing to celebrate, or a better venue to educate the beer loving public on your products, the laws that may impact your business or better way to say thanks for your support to the throngs of people encouraged to support their local brewers - reminding folks to be on the lookout for the "new drys" as Lew likes to put it.

Anyway, won't stay on my high horse too long, I just felt like pointing out something that bugged me.