Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Philly Beer Week

Pictured to the left is Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and Joe Sixpack himself, Don Russell. This was taken at the official kick-off of Philly Beer Week, a 10 day celebration of the city's proud beer scene. It's an overwhelming week for beer enthusiasts, with more than 150 beer events spattered around the city, too many to possibly attend and a lot of them certainly seeming worth the time and effort to get there.

I was there for the kick-off, along with several other beer press folk, making my way to a handful of early events. I think it's important for you who weren't here, but are considering a trip next year, to bare in mind that this isn't a beer festival as much as it is a city-wide celebration of their beer culture. I've never seen anything like it.

Like the week itself, I've got more thoughts and stories to tell than I could possibly fit in. That said, I'll just cut this off and tell you that a week in Philly in March 2009 may be in order for you who love beer - as well as learning about beer and hearing from those who know more about beer than you do. The flights from NorCal to Philly were dirt cheap, the hotels plentiful and more to do than you'll ever get done. Yeah, it was a good time.

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