Friday, March 14, 2008

Coming Soon: Spring Beer and Wine Fest

The good and beer loving folks in Portland seem to have a beer fest every other month, don't they? It's not a bad thing, mind you, except I just can't make it up there as often as I'd like to. That won't be the case next weekend, as I'll be in the City of Roses for the weekend-long Spring Beer and Wine Festival.

To start things off right, DRAFT is throwing a party at Portland's Green Dragon Bistro and Brewpub. I don't know much about the party at this point, just that it's happening Wednesday from 4-7PM.

Friday and Saturday the festival really gets going, at the Oregon Convention Center. Throughout the weekend there'll be seminars, food, live chef performances and much more. On Friday at 4PM I'll be part of a panel discussing Food and Beer, along with more notable folks like Fred Eckhardt, Tom Daldorf and Teri Fahrendorf. I'll also be on hand for some good old fashioned beer judging, and overall enjoyment of all the festival and city have to offer.

If you're in the area, it will be worth your time stopping in. There's more than 25 brewers in attendance, Alaskan seems bent on even serving some vintage Smoked Porter, while Walking Man dares you stay awake whilst enjoying their Somnambulator Doppelboch. Yeah, it'll be a good time. Hope to see you there.