Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SacBrew Blog

I've intended on putting a link up for a new brewer's blog, the Sacramento Brewing Company blog by their own rising star, Peter Hoey. When browsing the blog a couple things become very clear, very fast.
  1. Peter can write. It isn't a surprise really, I've found that many great brewers have the creativity and ability to clearly articulate their passion. Peter joins a few other abundantly capable brewers/bloggers around the country and while his journal is largely regional, I think you'll appreciate his work wherever you are.
  2. Peter dreams big. Look at the last two posts and you'll understand. Most recently he details the brew-day with Sean Paxton (the Homebrew Chef) as they work together to make a California Wheat Wine that will be aged in Bourbon barrels. The post before that? His taking SBC from zero to 20+ barrels in one week! His plans aren't to put his beer in for a week or even six, but for months and years, however long is necessary for the beer to be ready.
I was in SacBrew on Monday and got to see the barrels first-hand, it's exciting. You see, Peter isn't a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants brewer, he puts a lot of thought and energy into his work and that's paid off well for him in the past year alone (Best of Show at Cal Brewers Fest along with hardware from GABF for different beers). Peter's a highly resourceful brewer too, not afraid to call those who know more and have more experience than he. I have no doubt with all he knows, and all who are willing to help him succeed, he's going to continue making great beer for years to come at Sacramento Brewing.

Lucky for us, we can now follow along online.