Monday, March 17, 2008

Forbes: 8 Healthy Reasons to Drink Beer

Is beer becoming high-brow? Well, yes. I believe this is the second beer piece by Forbes in the last month or so. They do well at stating craft beers have more to offer all around than industrial beers, and do pretty well at elevating beer's overall status - often comparing beer with wine (rather than contrasting it).

You may, or may not, learn anything here, but it's fun enough to read. The piece features several quotes from Dr. Bamforth of UC Davis, who is apparently the only doctor qualified to identify health benefits in beer - do you not see him in every beer+health piece? Great guy, don't get me wrong, but it is fun realizing you've read much of the same stuff before, largely because it's the same guy saying it. In case you didn't know, Bamforth's specialty is in malting and brewing. According to his UCD page,
"His current research program focuses primarily on the wholesomeness of beer, including studies on the psychophysics of beer perception, on polyphenols and on the residues from non-starchy polysaccharide digestion that constitute soluble fiber and potential prebiotics in beer. Research in the laboratory also embraces the enzymology of the brewing process, foam stability, preventing oxidation in wort and beer and alternative paradigms for beer production."
He knows more than I do, likely more than you too, when it comes to beer. I keep thinking I should take one of his classes, being that I'm so close to UCD. I imagine someday I will.

I suppose we can expect to see more from his with his thoughts on "alternative paradigms for beer production", with folks around the world looking for new ways of making beer that tastes good, but perhaps with non-standard ingredients.

Anyway, enjoy the story, and pass it along to those who could learn from it.