Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Coffee Update

I mentioned previously that I'd just finished roasting a new batch of coffee, and that it may have highly acidic qualities when brewed. Well, I couldn't be more wrong. What the coffee presents is an intense floral and grassy aroma, complementing the rich dried flower and lime leaf flavors. There isn't much body to speak of, but with the intensity in flavor and aroma, that's not necessarily a knock. What's funny, the aftertaste reminds me of an English Old Ale, having a very dry finish and tannin qualities that are nearly husky. I may be thinking too hard on that though, but there's something... My goodness, this is a great cup of coffee.

Again, this is a Nicaraguan coffee, Limoncillo Est, Java Longberry. I roasted this to what is referred to as City Roast, which is light brown in color and doesn't have the oily appearance found in Vienna or French roasts you're likely familiar with. On my iRoast 2, I used Preset 2 and manually stopped the roasting process after seven and a half minutes. From there I allowed the newly roasted beans to set out for 17 hours or so, allowing them to breath and quickly mature into something usable.

Learn more about roast levels with a picture guide I found at Sweet Maria's, where I get almost everything I need to roast coffee at home.