Monday, March 17, 2008

March Madness: Rick's Picks

I'm never all that good at choosing an NCAA March Madness bracket, but each year I try - at least a little bit. Applying some logic and a few ground rules, this year I came close to putting some real thought into the whole thing. So, with that said, I figured I'd share my Final Four choices, the winners from each bracket. Keep in mind, I follow NFL football a lot more than college hoops, and I was the guy that said Randy Moss wouldn't do anything in 2007 for the Patriots, who would ultimately underachieve. Yeah, I'm not being called on by the numbers guys in Vegas, I promise you that.

Maybe if we're lucky, Mike will submit his picks here for the world to see - looking at his picks for top 25 athletes you'll see he's got more going on upstairs when it comes to sports.

Biggest Round 1 upset? I saying Notre Dame, ranked #5 in their bracket and USC, who is ranked #6. I see them both losing in the opening round.

Picks for Cinderella teams? These are just silly to pick, but I have a feeling everything I'm picking is silly too. Indiana (ranked #9) & St. Mary's (ranked #10) seem to have the right match-ups to make it to Round 3.

Who Gets to the Final Four?

East: Louisville beats Washington
Mid West: Kansas beats Georgetown

South: Memphis beats Stanford
West: UCLA beats Xavier

Who Wins the Finals
UCLA over Kansas