Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Week on the Road

I'm back in the Sacramento Int'l Airport, a place I've become acquainted with over the years here. I'll be off line for several days, making another couple quick trips this week. First, I'll be in Phoenix Tuesday through Thursday, then flying directly to Portland for the Spring Beer and Wine Festival. Phoenix is all office work, but I'm certain I'll have a few minutes here and there to enjoy the weather & another fine area brewery (I'm hoping to be at Sonoran Brewing on Weds).

Again, if you're in Portland this weekend, stop by the DRAFT Magazine booth anytime for a copy of the magazine, also taking time on Friday afternoon to stop and listen as I do my best to keep pace with Fred Eckhardt (a personal hero), Tom Daldorf and Teri Farendorf in the beer & food seminar (Friday @4). I'm quite certain there'll be after parties around the city that weekend, and of course you should stop at the kick-off event at Green Dragon on Weds night (sponsored by DRAFT).