Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sacramento: Set Your TiVos

KVIE, our local PBS affiliate, will be doing a semi-beery show this week on California's Gold, titled HOPS. The only information I have on this show is from the KVIE website.
The last independent hops grower in California is profiled.
Air Times for KVIE:
4/24 @ 9:00 PM
4/25 @ 3:00 PM
4/26 @ 4:00 AM
4/26 @ 4:00 PM
4/28 @ 4:30 AM

So, set your TiVo's or VCR's to record this if you're in the area. If your PBS affiliate carries the show California's Gold, you may want to check out their local listing for the show in the future. The only listing I could find was for Sacramento.

Found more info with some more digging.
Huell travels to the little farming community of Sloughhouse near Sacramento. Once there he meets up with George Signorotti, owner of the last family-owned hops farm in the sate, and witnesses firsthand the harvesting and baling of hops, which was once a huge crop in California
And you can buy the video online, in DVD and VHS format.