Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rick's Travel Notes 2008 (Updated)

I figure I go to enough places for beer, I might as well start a travel log. So, what follows is just a few notes for my own use, but feel free to follow along.

  • Medford & Ashland, Oregon: Stops at Southern Oregon Brewing; Caldera Brewing; Standing Stone Brewery; Market of Choice; Gold River Distributing;
  • Phoenix, AZ: Yardhouse; Papago's Brewing; AJ's Grocery (great selection)
  • Hayward, Ca: The Bistro Double IPA Festival (judge)
  • San Francisco, Ca: Toronado Barleywine Festival (judge)
  • Oakland, Ca: Celebrator 20th Anniversary Party
  • Philadelphia, PA: Too many stops to list
  • New York, NY: Brooklyn Brewing; 35/35; New Beer Distributors; Whole Foods; more
  • Philadelphia, PA: Philly Beer Week, lots of stops, including Sly Fox Brewery; Iron Hill Brewery; Standard Tap; Fooderie; South Philly Tap Room; Side Car; Nodding Head Brewery; Jose Pistolas; several more.
  • Phoenix, AZ: Ah, love this city more each time I go. This time around I hit up Four Peaks Brewing, Papago Brewing and AJ's Market - all great stops for those who like beer. Stayed right downtown, which I hope to avoid in the future. Scottsdale seems to have more to offer.
  • Portland, OR: Spring Beer and Wine Festival - (judged) Made it on the local Fox affiliate while there, but the highlight was sitting on a panel with Tom Daldorf, Fred Eckhardt and Terri Farendorf to talk about beer and food - moderated by John Foyston. Also made my way to Horse Brass, Green Dragon and a few area bars, had a great time with the Beer Northwest team.
  • San Francisco: Went with Tracy to see what could be seen. Started with the Farmer's Market, then headed across Gold Gate Bridge to the GG Park, where we spent a little time enjoying the view of The Bay. From there we headed to Toronado for a few beers, then to Oakland for a quick stop at The Trappist.
  • Sacramento: Joined Peter Hoey from Sac Brew to transfer Old Pappy wheat wine into bourbon barrels. That was awesome.
  • San Francisco: Toronado Belgian Beer Night - it doesn't get much better than that! Seriously.
  • San Diego: Upcoming (Craft Brewers Conf.)
  • San Francisco: Five Guys and a Barrel Dinner at Cathedral Hill, San Francisco: Upcoming
  • Sacramento: SacBrew Brewing Brewmaster's Dinner: Upcoming
  • Phoenix - maybe
  • Still Open
  • Portland, OR: Oregon Brewers Fest
Additionally: Hopefully Belgium in the fall, at least one trip to Denver and hopefully time in Seattle and Idaho.