Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Beer Podcasting Milestone: The Good Beer Show

Before there was The Brewing Network, long before iTunes supported podcasts, there was The Good Beer Show. Based in Muncie, Indiana, the talent behind this podcast has gathered in celebrated local bars, brought together regional musicians and comics, world-class beer experts and a wonderful and supporting show for those who love better beer. In fact, over the years Jeffrey T Meyer has made a pretty big name for himself in his home town, appearing on TV and newspaper spots and helping to launch bright young musical careers. In fact, their most recent show has a room full of local 'groupies', for lack of a better term, showing the same sort of support to the Good Beer Show that they've shown to their hometown heroes.

This week the Good Beer Show released their 150th show (listen), a milestone I don't believe has been achieved by any other beer podcast, and this show is just another example of the entertainment we've come to expect from them. JeffreyT having to use that signature dry and raspy voice to coral the other hosts, reign them in and keep them close to their target. The beer reviews are presented by a number of individuals who, while not nationally known for their beer palates, display a level of taste sophistication uncommon in the world of Football Beers - JeffreyT's phrase to describe Big Brother Beers, which he uses to describe the Macro beers of the land. Between the beers they talk music, Muncie, beer news and anything you'd expect good friends to discuss while enjoying a beer.

In the years since they started their show, the Good Beer Show has received two Peoples Choice Podcast Award for the broad "food" category, outplaying shows about coffee, wine and cuisine. I don't know if they'll be up again, but I'm certain JeffreyT and his team will continue to produce a masterful show with real entertainment value and a good beer education.

Congratulations on 150 shows to the team at The Good Beer Show. If you haven't listened to them before, give them a shot and see how beer information and entertainment can be put together at a high level of quality.

Picture: JeffreyT on a trip to Oregon in 2007, enjoying a fresh Rogue ale.