Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Beer & Baseball

The Beer Marketer's INSIGHT page pointed me to a couple of stories from back east, talking about beer in the stadiums. I'm not the biggest fan you'll meet, but do enjoy going to the local minor league team (the Rivercats) to watch a game now and then. I've always considered beer prices at stadiums to be ridiculous, so I wasn't all that shocked to see that fans in Pittsburgh, DC and Boston were paying a premium for beers.

Boston: $7.75 for a 12 ounce Heineken, a buck less for the non-premium drafts.

What's more important to the Red Sox fans is the simple fact they can get a beer at the game! Why, I just assumed... ah, yes, I remember what assuming does. No matter, this new beer in the park concept seems to have been well received on opening day, but they did have to beef up security and, as a Red Sox spokesman says, they "are confident it is going to work." Work? I am afraid to think what they even means. I do know that at the prices they're charging, something is going to work.

Pittsburgh: $7.50 for the most expensive 16 ounce beer

This park looks like a steal when compared to Boston, paying 25 cents less for their most expensive brand and getting four more ounces! Take THAT Red Sox fans! Comparisons aside, the folks in Pittsburgh have a good gripe going, with the new Onorato tax on alcohol driving up the costs in and out of the park.

DC: $7.50 for a draft beer, unsure what size that is

The INSIGHTS page mentions that a 12 ounce bottle of beer is $6.50 and the drafts are a buck more. They also point out that a bottle of water will set you back four bucks!

One thing is clear, fans like their beer while watching the game, and who wouldn't?