Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sacramento Brewing Bourbon Barrel Project

Ever swear you did something you can't find evidence of actually doing? I could have sworn I posted this last week, clearly I didn't.

I had the great opportunity to hang out with friend and brewer, Peter Hoey, last week as he did the work of filling his newly acquired bourbon barrels with his wheat wine, Old Pappy - which was brewed with the assistance of the Homebrew Chef, Sean Paxton several weeks back. Turns out Paxton had quite a bit to do with this project, as it was with his help that Peter was able to procure the bourbon barrels that have held a single batch of whiskey for the last 23 years - a single bottle apparently fetching 100 dollars.

Topping off a barrel of Old Pappy

Filling barrels can be messy, but worth it. If you've never been in the room with barrels are filled trust me, the aromas that filled the room are nothing short of impressive and memorable.

Sampling the Old Pappy, this is a big freaking beer! It was still a bit disjointed, but with the months of aging it has to look forward to, I am certain the flavors will meld together nicely.

No, Peter's not partying up there, he's working his ass off. Me? I'm just taking a picture, feeling lazy and appreciative that I didn't have to climb up there.

As you can see, not a lot of room to work here - luckily, Peter's still skinny.
Peter and myself after the barrels were filled.

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