Friday, July 13, 2007

Step Up and Say Thanks

Beer lovers,

Certain you've seen the news that Congress now has a "Small Brewers Caucus" who are all about enjoying craft beer. A great start at least...

The Caucus homepage

What I'd like to recommend is for all you to send a quick email to someone on this list and say thank you and let them know you love that they love good beer. My email also asked for reasonable taxation of alcohol and to bring in the drinking age limit back to the national conversation - but you can say whatever. These listed members are certainly getting an ear-full from the neo-prohibitionists from around the country, it will be good for them to know there is a lot of support for them as well.

If you feel ambitious, you can also email your representative and ask if they've heard of this caucus and ask if they would join - if for no other reason than to learn some helpful facts about beer and the brewing industry.

A couple quick email addresses are found on the homepage or