Tuesday, July 24, 2007

In Search Of: Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale

Ok, this is a mix of press release and ramble.

No, Sierra Nevada doesn't have a new beer. Yes, they are bottling a beer for the first time, which is cause for celebration. Now, mind you, I have not tried this beer, but reading their press release leads me to believe one thing: This beer has potential to be the most pure example of an Amerian IPA out there. Read this from their press release.

The 2007 Anniversary Ale features prominent usage of Cascade hops– the signature hop used in Sierra Nevada’s most popular product, Pale Ale. It is an American Style IPA with a big, fragrant pine and citrus hop aroma balanced by the sweetness of two-row pale and caramel malt. It finishes with an additional Cascade dry-hopping creating a big hop aroma Sierra Nevada fans will look forward to.
You see, here's my thought. Sierra Nevada won't make a bad beer. If they call something an American Style IPA, they probably mean it. This beer most likely won't knock you down with bitterness, but must display American hop character like very few few beers on the market can do - showcasing the hops' flavor, aroma and bitterness masterfully.

Again, I haven't tried this beer, but it is now atop my list of beers to track down.