Friday, July 13, 2007

A Night with Martin Lodahl

Last night Mark, Mike and I accepted a special invitation to sit with Martin Lodahl, at his home, and enjoy some of the best Belgian (and Belgian inspired) beers out there while recording his thoughts and memories of his time in the country. We have well over two hours of audio that I will work on editing this weekend - enough for two shows. I can't help but think this is the most informative and entertaining show we've done to date and wish to pass on a very big "thank you" to Martin for making it happen.

Martin has been a brewing consultant, homebrewer, two time organizer for the AHA Homebrew competition, Beer Judge (as well as a board member for the BJCP) and contributor to the BJCP style guidelines. Martin also speaks about twice a year to BJCP classes and the Gold Country Brewers Association about Belgian beers.

A few articles
What to look forward to when these shows post:
  • Ommegang Hennepin
  • Moinette Brune
  • Afflegim tripel
  • Allagash four
  • Russian River Temptation
  • Boone Aude Kriek
  • Hansens Kriek
  • Lindemens Cuvee Rene 1994
  • Cantillon Organic Gueze 2003
Not a bad lineup, eh? I must admit, it may be the most impressive lineup I can remember for one night of conversational drinking.