Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Independence Day for the US is here again, a great time to enjoy the company of friends and family while grilling and drinking a good beer. Like so many others, I wish you all a happy and safe holiday, but I have a couple of suggestions for the American Beer Lover.

  1. Do NOT buy Corona and give your local grocer hell for having it on sale for a decidedly American holiday. Afterall, how much more offensive can you get than to push a non-American beer for this country's biggest party? Don't do it. And don't buy Heineken or other imports for your 4th of July party. Drink American and encourage your friends and family to do so as well. Hell, I'd buy a Bud over an import for this holiday... not that I'd buy a Bud.
  2. Buy a good summer seasonal, especially if you have never tried it. On the market now are some great options (I think I'll try them all):
    1. Full Sail Session
    2. Sierra Nevada Summerfest
    3. Anderson Valley Summer Solstice
    4. Anchor Liberty
    5. Alaskan Summer Ale
    6. Deschutes Buzzsaw Brown
  3. Share with your friends. Beer isn't just to be consumed, but it is a chance to share and a story that hasn't been told. Don't be selfish with the good beers of this country.
  4. Lunch plans? If not, go to your local brew pub. They often have great food for summer heat and wonderful beers to go with it. Support your local brewer.
  5. Finally - respect beer. If you don't belong behind the wheel, then don't get there. Don't be an ass and don't make the good beer lovers of this country look like drunken idiots. If you need to do that to have a good time, pick up a few cases of Bud and have at it. Seriously, you are the billboards for the craft beer industry and if you're not able to enjoy the product while putting on a good face for the holiday then don't. I don't care if you're drunk, there's a good chance I'll be, but the idiocy is what kills. Again, respect beer.
That's it. Happy Fourth of July everyone.
- the guys at Pacific Brew News