Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Special Thanks

As you've heard previously on this site, I've accepted the Beer Director role with DRAFT Magazine. I cannot tell you how exciting this is for me, working with the greatest people in the beer industry and conveying their stories, promoting their products is a dream. I've been working for DRAFT for nearly six months already, as a freelance writer and editor, and have been impressed by many things they do 'behind the scene'. I look forward to continuing their quality work, and hope my presence and work will also improve the product overall.

In all of this excitement, there is one man I'd like to pass on a word of gratitude to - Mark Zahn. Fondly known in our area as 'the beer geek', I first met Mark in 1999 and when I shared my first beer with the bearded guy, it was an experience like I'd never had before. His intensity, passion and joy for the drink were incredible - contagious really. Watching as he lifted his glass to check the clarity, smelling the beer, swirling it, swishing it, and the whole time excitedly conveying what it was he was finding - it was incredible. I think I'd blown through a pint of whatever before he'd touched his lips to the glass! Through Mark, I met those who would take me under wing and give me a beer education you simply couldn't pay for. Yes, it was through Mark that I met those who would pick up where he left off - Beth Zanghari, David Teckam, Martin Lodahl, Mike Sober and many more. These are the people who have contributed most to my beer schooling, and it was Mark who made that happen.

I have been the face of Pacific Brew News since its inception, mainly because I am the one with the technical skills needed for site development and such, but it was Mark who was the inspiration. I can't really think of a good way to say 'thanks', but hopefully I can pass on my deep sense of gratitude for the man we know as The Beer Geek.

There has been concern by many as to the future of PBN (the podcast), it has been touching to say the least. Rest assured, PBN will continue. Right now I'm working two jobs, transitioning from HP to DRAFT, but soon that will change and I'll have just one full time job. When the transition is complete, I'm certain we'll come back renewed and eager to do that thing we do. As for the blog, I'll update this regularly. I am also pretty sure Mike will pass on his wonderful contributions, and I'm hopeful that Mark will as well.

So, once again, thank you Mark - and thanks to all you who have emailed or called this week. Life is good for me now, and even better when I realize I am surrounded by people who support me like you all do.