Sunday, November 4, 2007

Beer Lovers' Shopping List

Not a whole lotta news here, but in talking with some local reps and distributors this weekend I can tell you now that I'm looking forward to my better beer store later this week. Here's a few items you'll find on your shelf soon, if not already.
  • Anchor Christmas 2007 - this beer is supposed to hit stores today
  • Sierra Nevada Celebration - on shelves now, always a favorite this time of year
  • Sudwerk Doppelbock - an annual favorite for those who like beers of the style
  • Mendocino Imperial IPA - I've had this already, an impressive offering (on shelves through February, when they'll introduce their Bock!)
  • Deschutes Jubale - in stores now for a couple weeks, I've enjoyed a couple of these
  • Krumbacher Eisbock - a German imported Eisbock is rarely a bad thing to find, and BevMo has a large shipment of this arriving now!
  • St Fuellin Noel - just arrived to the US last week, you'll want to find this beer soon
  • Unibroue 16 - in stores now, you'll want to pick up a few of these, I promise - with its big caramelized pear notes all around, yum!
  • Scaldis Noel - due in any day now, I've called this a Belgian Bigfoot in the past and can't wait to see how this year fairs