Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tree Hugger Porter: A Taste of the Northwest

While traveling for work recently, my wife, Tracy, found herself in Portland in a beer bottle shop. She'd called me on the her cell phone and asked those magic words that never grow tired, "would you like me to bring you home a beer?" I love my wife.

I'd asked, as is our routine, to look for labels she'd never seen and read their names to me, with the understanding I'd stop her when I heard something I had to have. I knew she didn't have a lot of room in her baggage, so my selection would be small, so when she said "Tree Hugger Porter" I stopped her instantly. You see, I love Laurelwood Brewing in Portland and have fond memories of the Tree Hugger Porter (it is one of the many beer shirts I own as well). Tonight, after completing a handful of chores while Tracy is out, I finally found the time and will to consume the contents of this 12 ounce bottle.

I won't review the beer here, just remind you all of what you already know: beer is so much more than the liquid in the glass. Drinking this tonight I remember my time at Laurelwood with a dear friend, Mike. I remember the beer fest, the blue line trip home and an overall level of intoxication achieved on this day more than two years ago.

In case you needed to know - yes, the beer is beautiful! If you're ever in the Portland area, you should do what you can to enjoy this on tap if possible, or at least buy a bottle to bring home.