Monday, November 26, 2007

Christians Relaxed on Beer? Not So Fast

Well, this piece of news is certainly a bit off-beat, but beer-blog appropriate.  According to a Christian Net poll, a whopping 51% of Christians surveyed believe drinking beer is not "wrong".  Now, I'm no mathematician here, but does this mean that 49% of Christians polled believe, as the question is stated, it is "wrong for a Christian to consume beer."  Evidently, according to the Christian News Wire, 38% of those surveyed did, in fact, believe that drinking beer was "wrong". 

Wow!  Now, I know many of you read (and you should) Jay Brooks' Brookston Beer Bulletin, which at times seems fanatical, but is certainly necessary reading for those who appreciate not only a good beer, but the right to enjoy a good beer.  Jay has often bemoaned the Neo-Prohibitionists around the world and, quite often, I catch myself thinking there's no way we, as Americans, have anything to worry about with our beer related rights.  Now, if there are this many "Christians" in our country who think my beer consumption is flat wrong, it would seem appropriate to assume they wouldn't mind seeing form of control on my consumption.

Many of you know that I was a pastor in a very large Christian church some years back, so I think I have a pretty good handle on the people who took this survey - they're the noisy and nosy few who like to muck up things in the name of compassion.  I don't believe that 38% of all Christians share this feeling about beer.  Instead, it is likely only those with strong enough opinions took the survey.  But that too scares me, because it isn't just the church goers in our country who are more than slightly apathetic - its seems to be the American way these days.