Thursday, November 8, 2007

What to do?

Just read this short, and seemingly incomplete, piece urging the alcohol industry to dig in and prepare for a long, sustained battle for their livelihood. It certainly seems like a doom and gloom piece, but I wonder just how accurate the vision is.

Apparently there are a couple groups who would like to see the alcohol consumption of the world lowered for the good of humanity - the World Health Organization and a new(er) group, the Alcohol Health Alliance.

Here's the nugget of the story:

Speaking at the Publican Conference in central London today, Mark Hastings, director of communications at the British Beer & Pub Association, said the industry faced one of the most “concerted and sustained threats to its commercial viability ever” over lobbying on alcohol.

“That’s coming from the level of the World Health Organisation, from the European Union and our own government,” he added.

“Alcohol is the big issue at the moment and it’s absolutely essential that our industry gears up for what is going to be a considerable battle over the next few months and years.”

If that isn't enough, I looked into this new Alcohol Health Alliance and found this story, which isn't a good thing for those who enjoy their drink.

“Research from across the world shows a direct link between affordability of alcohol and level of consumption.

"Raising the tax on alcohol would help reduce our consumption, and reduce the future burden of ill-health from alcohol misuse, while generating more funding for treatment services. This is a win-win for the nation’s health.”

Now, this is happening across the pond in Europe and that usually means we American's could care less. However, if this picks up steam there you can rest assured the consequences will bleed over into the Americas. This is certainly something to keep an eye on.