Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NFL: Midway Point

I predicted, before the 2007/2008 NFL season began, who I thought had the best chance of making the playoffs for each division. To refresh your memory, I'll start with the good news - the AFC.

My Preseason Predictions
AFC Division Champs

* NE Patriots
* Baltimore Ravens
* SD Chargers
* Indianapolis Colts

AFC Wild Cards

* Denver Broncos
* Pittsburgh Steelers
So, clearly the Patriots and Colts are doing well, both undefeated going into this weekend's cage match. It would also seem that the Ravens and Steelers are in good shape to battle for the division and wild card berths to the playoffs. The Chargers are finally looking good, but are in no way the powerhouse I'd thought they'd be, and the Bronco's are just playing ugly football right now - which is sad because they're my team. All in all, I am pretty pleased with my AFC predictions, but unless Denver really turns it around, it seems the wild cards belong to the South, with Tennessee and Jacksonville looking in to be in the best shape. At this point, the Patriots seem utterly unstoppable - and even if they lose this week to the Colts, I think their depth alone puts them in the best place to win it all. Oh, and I don't think they' go undefeated. They'll wrap up home field and sit their stars, happens every year.

My preseason predictions for the NFC
NFC Division Champs

* Chicago Bears
* NO Saints
* Seattle Seahawks
* Philadelphia Eagles

NFC Wild Cards

* GB Packers
* SL Rams
Now, onto the ugly. Can you believe this conference? I can't, they seem to be living in the Twilight Zone or something, its just odd. It appears that Seattle can pull off the division championship, but that isn't saying much and that isn't a lock - Arizona looks as though they could be dangerous, if it weren't for injuries that is. The Bears flat suck! I can't even begin to figure them out - the defense isn't good, their offense is horrible they seem like a team on the verge of imploding. The Saints are looking good now, but I can't ignore how aweful they looked for the first half of the season overall. I do suspect they'll figure it out and take the division, but that has more to do with my lack of trust in Tampa Bay than it does my confidence in the Saints. That division will be a fun one to keep an eye on. Then there are the Eagles, who appear to have a snowball's chance in hell at winning their division away from the Cowboys or the Giants. I haven't seen any of their games, but from their stats it seems like the window for their shot at the prize has closed.

So, who do I like now?
- Dallas
- Detroit
- Saints
- Seahawks

Wild Cards
- Green Bay
- Carolina