Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Holiday

I'm writing now, sitting on my couch in my living room and tired beyond belief.  I had a great holiday and hope you all did too.  This week I was able to get back in the brewing habit, making two batches of beer - one batch of honey & spice brown ale and a batch of bock, each ten gallons in size.  This was my first opportunity to use my newly acquired B3-1000 brewing sculpture, and what a difference that made in the overall efficiency of the brew day.

Aside from the brewing, this time of year seems to encourage festive drinking. Thursday my wife, Tracy, and I went to Mike and Terri's place, and he seems to always have a healthy stock of beer - his beer fridge includes offerings from Alpine, Sequoia, Green Flash, Beermann's, Auburn Alehouse, EJ Phair, Jack Russell and Russian River... and that is just what he had in growlers.  I believe his fridge also had a few imported hefeweizens, a stock pile of Celebration, Harvest, Lagunitas, Mad River, North Coast, Sacramento Brewing and more (much more).  Add to the beer selection that rivals the best beer shops in our area the great people, massive amounts of food and generally beautiful weather and it isn't hard to figure out that this was a good week - indeed.

In all the excitement surrounding the holiday, I've neglected beer news for the most part.  I do know that Russian River's construction appears to be delayed a bit, with their first brew expected to come out in March, luckily it appears the other beer bloggers have stepped up to keep us all informed.

So, I do hope you all had a great week as well.  I imagine I'll shake this near-comatose state soon enough, then I can come back with more insightful postings.  Thanks to Big Mike and Terri for playing host for Tracy and I this week.