Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sacramento Brewing Company Brewmaster's Dinner

Tonight I was lucky to attend the "Brewmaster's Dinner" at Sacramento Brewing Company, hosted by brewmaster Peter Hoey and chef Chef Crescencio Rodriguez. What a great night, with wonderful food and beer, as well as fantastic company - sitting with Sean Paxton, Peter and Peter (brewers for SacBrew) and the rest of our lively table. Here are a few pictures, I'll work on getting a proper review up ASAP.

Sacramento Brewing Company's Brewers: Peter Salmond (left) and Peter Hoey (right)

Lamb chops, served with the Imperial Stout that just won the Bronze at GABF last week. This dish, wow, it was good.

Sean Paxton, the Homebrew Chef, was my table neighbor.

Chef Crescencio Rodriguez - this guy did a wonderful job with every dish.

See more pictures from the night.
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