Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Vintage Beer Auction: Liquid Solutions

Liquid Solutions, for those of you who don't know, is a great online beer shop with a beer selection you simply can't beat. In addition to great beer, Liquid Solutions offers a variety of meads, sakes, coffees, wine, cider and soda - including Kambucha and Coca-Cola from Mexico (which uses a different sweetner, lending a unique flavor to the staple cola I quite appreciate).

Some time ago, I can't remember when exactly, Matt Maples (who runs the place) began hosting online Vintage Auctions for beers that are both rare and well aged. I was lucky enough to be there when they started, almost weekly, so I got some pretty outstanding deals on beers that I thought worth the effort and price - the three bottles of 1996 Kulmbacher Eisbock are safely tucked away, but I did have to do a quality check on one just to see how good it could be (great).

This week, Matt auctioned off a bottle of Chimay Grand Reserve from 1994, which sold for $100. That's right, one bottle of Chimay sold for 100 bucks. In the same auction, bottles of '93, '95 and '96 Old Crustacean sold for $61. At first blush I think about how much money people are spending on... beer. I realize pretty quickly, however, that this is a pretty cool thing for those with the means to utilize this service.

You see, aging beers is a wonderful thing, and I know that we all have to start somewhere - I mean, how often can you find a 13 year old beer in a store? So, if you're new to beer aging, or if you haven't ever tried a well-aged beer, I recommend you find a friend who's got a good cellar, or try your luck with Matt's Vintage Auctions. I am pretty sure if you win the auction, you won't be disappointed.