Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Legal Drinking Age

MSNBC has this story about a small movement afoot to lower the legal drinking limit to 18 throughout the USA. Apparently, according to the article, there is huge opposition to this - "77 percent of Americans opposed lowering the drinking age to 18." Now, I can't believe that huge a percentage is opposed to legalizing alcohol for adults, but then again I don't know why anyone is opposed to letting adults drink alcohol.

Assuming that the 77% figure is right, it is clear that the legal drinking age throughout the country won't be lowered anytime soon. I am OK with that. Really. So long as we then make it illegal for anyone under 21 to serve in our military, on our streets as police, or fire fighters. As long as those under 21 aren't allowed to have a gun, teach our kids or work as an EMT. In fact, under 21? You shouldn't be allowed to work on ships, in mines, at refineries or around dangerous chemicals - like gasoline. After all, we're only trying to protect you.

Unreasonable? Yes, I think it is too. Let adults be adults, or redefine what age our citizens become "Legal" adults. Lower the drinking age already.