Sunday, August 26, 2007

Brewers in Wine Country

The September/October issue of DRAFT magazine is hitting mail boxes now for those who subscribe, and should be on the shelves in all Barnes and Noble or Borders Bookstores early on in September. In this issue be sure to check out my latest published piece, titled "Brewers in Wine Country." This story highlights a weekend getaway I took with my wife back in June, a trip any beer enthusiast will be happy to take. If you missed them, I posted pictures of the weekend a while back, and they're still available for viewing.

I'd love to know what you think about the piece and the magazine overall. Jay over at HBJ has had mixed feedback on his site - I wonder what the rest of you think.

In other news. I tweaked my neck last week and have been mostly out of commission, but feel good now so will attempt to catch you all up on beer stuff from my region. I am also in the process of editing episode 54 of PBN Radio, which should be published soon. In this we sampled a few beers from Argentina, from the Jerome brewery, along with the Schneider Brooklyner Weisse-Bock. All good things.