Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Coors to Brew Herman Joseph... again

Now, I admit that I am too young to remember anything about this beer's early attempts at success, I am hoping one of you can help contribute to this piece - maybe on your own blog even. According to Miller's blog, Coors Brewing Company is filing a patent for Herman Joseph, "A Super Premium Beer" according to that label.

According to the BrewBlog:
Beer industry vets with good memories may recall that Coors launched Herman Joseph’s – named in honor of Coors co-founder Adolph Herman Joseph Coors –as a superpremium ale back in 1980. It was discontinued due to weak sales in 1989. Coors relaunched the brew in 1995 as craft beers took off... Coors pulled the beer out of the market after a few years.
I'll be interested to see how this works for Coors, more specifically, how Coors works this. I won't blast them at this point, maybe they'll have success equal to that they enjoy with Blue Moon - who knows? I fear, however, that they'll use they distribution influence to squeeze out smaller beers from the shelves - similar to what A-B is doing with their "craft" brands. I do think they have a better chance in today's beer market than they would have had in the past - and it has to be better than Miller Chill.

If you remember the beer from its earlier days, please let me know what you remember - what kind of beer was this? Otherwise, hold on and see just how good - or how bad - this all can be.