Friday, February 15, 2008

SacBrew Sale: In the Books

I wasn't going to post this newsy bit, but I was asked about the progress of the Sacramento Brewing Company sale enough, figured it was worth it. Here's the email I received from Peter Hoey, brewmaster and cool-new daddy.
Just wanted to let you know that sale of Sac Brew is final as of
Midnight last night [2/14]. The licenses transfered and we are currently doing
final inventory and closing all the books, payroll etc. for Sacramento
Brewing Inc to transition into the new ownership.
Without knowing too much beyond the surface, it appears that all parties involved were happy with the way this all went down. We'd like to with Cap'n all the best as he leaves the area, he's been a passionate and friendly face. Also, a big welcome to the new owners and fresh feel. This place is exciting to be around right now, as Peter moves them into a big-beyond-their-capacity barrel aging program. His email last week mentioned going from 0-23 barrels almost overnight! In the collection? Port, Bourbon and Wine barrels! I may need a whole new post for those details though.

So, again, sale is final and we're anxious to see where Peter and new ownership takes this proud brewery.